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Benvoulin Church: A Building That Reflects Its Community

Ray and Fran Helgeson, site managers, in front of the McIver House
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Newspaper article on the Benvoulin Heritage Church's 100th anniversary open house celebrations
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MASK performing at Benvoulin Heritage Church as part of the 100th anniversary concert
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Benvoulin Heritage Church's 100th anniversary evening church service program
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Art show held at the Benvoulin Heritage Church as part of the 100th anniversary celebration
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McIver House in its original location prior to its move to Benvoulin Heritage Park
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Moving the McIver House to its new location at Benvoulin Heritage Park
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McIver House's arrival at its new home in Benvoulin Heritage Park
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Shaw Cable filming a video on the restoration of the McIver House and the need for public assistance
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New roof being installed on the McIver House as part of the restoration project
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McIver House being painted in a heritage colour scheme as part of the exterior restoration
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McIver House's exterior restoration completed
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Opening ceremony to celebrate the completion of the McIver House restoration
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McIver descendants in front of the restored McIver House
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Burning the McIver House mortgage
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Reid Hall after it was converted into a hall for public use
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The land being prepared for Benvoulin Heritage Park's new Xeriscape Demonstration Garden
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Mayor Gray planting the first tree in the new Benvoulin Xeriscape Demonstration Garden
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