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Benvoulin Church: A Building That Reflects Its Community

Portrait of Reverend Archibald McMillan
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Manse behind the Bethel Presbyterian Church/Benvoulin United Church
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Johnson family standing in front of the manse located behind Benvoulin United Church
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Thank you card to Mr. H.H. Johnson for playing organ at Benvoulin United Church
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Photograph of Benvoulin United Church using a pin-hole camera
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Reverend Petrie in front of the Benvoulin United Church
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Reverend Crysdale and R.C. Stewart in front of Benvoulin United Church
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Church service being held in Benvoulin United Church
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Benvoulin United Church tower in the process of being removed
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Tower on Benvoulin United Church removed
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New tower and hall on the Benvoulin United Church
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Alex and Jemima Reid on their 50th wedding anniversary
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Digging the foundations for the new hall addition on the Benvoulin United Church
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Group of Reid women posing outside of the new Reid Hall
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Ladies Aid Society constitution and list of first members
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Group coming out of Benvoulin United Church during the 40th anniversary celebration
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Newspaper article on Benvoulin United Church's 45th anniversary celebration in 1937
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Benvoulin United Church's 50th anniversary program
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