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The United Empire Loyalists of Remsheg; refugees from the American Revolution.

Famous image of Loyalists drawing lots for one of the 200 acre farm lots surveyed in the Grant. 1784
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Original land grant for the Remsheg Loyalists. Signed 1785, in Halifax,  by Governor Parr.
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Page one of the Remsheg Grant, listing names and requirements of land holders, 1785
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Loyalist property map in Remsheg, signed by Charles Morris, circa 1784. Indication of Brown's lot.
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A map showing the land in the Remsheg area  granted by the British Government to the Refugees.
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Remsheg land Grants of 1783, Showing around the Village of Wallace, Fanningboro and Oak Island
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Wallace Harbour from the Loyalist Monument on the Fanningboro Loyalist Remsheg site.
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Present day view of the Fanningboro site,  Fanningboro was the proposed Townsite for Loyalist Grant
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Survey of Fanningboro,three acre lots, Drawn 1784 by Charles Baker
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Browns Bay, part of the Fanningboro survey. Water access to John Browns property.
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Wallace Harbour,formerly Remsheg Harbour, facing North East, entering the Northumberland Strait
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Loyalist re inactors, staging a meal in a quickly built shelter.
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Excerpt from a poem by Francis Grant describing the Loyalist settlement in Wallace Bay
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Barbara Clark, Artist, painting a mural for the Museum Loyalist Celebrations
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Costumed Loyalist celebrants recreating Loyalist and village history, May 1984
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Wallace Bicentennial celebrations by volunteers. Re-creation of Loyalist settlers way of life. 1984
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Jennie Charman, former school teacher, cutting the cake for the Bicentennial Celebration
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Loyalist descendant at celebration in Wentworth
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