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The United Empire Loyalists of Remsheg; refugees from the American Revolution.

Costumed Museum Educators.
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Part of the United Empire Loyalist celebration in 2007 was the creation of a Loyalist display.
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Three ladies in Loyalist costumes created by themselves.
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Soldiers and their families going through the forest from Fort Cumberland to Remsheg
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Loyalist refugees cooked their food outside while establishing shelter and clearing land.
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Wallace Harbour 2012 picture taken from Fanningboro.
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Unitd Empire Loyalist Memorial at the Fanningboro Townsite, in North Wallace
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The original northern roadway of Fanningboro running parallel with the Bay at Fox Harbour
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Original Dotten home, built by James Dotten to replace his log cabin constructed after arriving 1784
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Green Street, one of the surveyed roads on the original Remsheg Grant
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East end road of Fanningboro, the townsite surveyed for the Remsheg Grant
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Heavy growth on site of John Brown,s tradigic first home. John and daughter struck by lightening.
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Herons on Oyster Island in Wallace Harbour
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Part of a trail near Wallace
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18th Century government document, transcribed by David Dewar, signed in 1785 by Governor Parr.
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Trees and forest to the shore, a valuable resource, when the first refugees arrived in 1783-1784
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The map of the Remsheg Grant, part of the Westchester Grant which is present day Wallace
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Loyalist ( Dotten ) Cemetery, Fanningboro, North Wallace.
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