1820 - 1920. A Century of Industry on the North Shore of Nova Scotia: Wallace to River John

Creator(s): Sunrise Trail Museum

There is something special about the part of the North Shore of Nova Scotia that lies between the Cobequid Mountains and the Northumberland Strait. It is not extensive, there are no major towns, there is no public transport, there is only one specialized industry with limited employment - and yet the population is increasing. It was not always like this - failings in farming, mining ventures, and ship-building caused families to move away to find work elsewhere; the majority stayed and by hard work, ingenuity, co-operation and determination produced settlements that have survived. They are centred in Tatamagouche with its range of services, but most have kept their character.

This is the story over a hundred year period of the rise and fall of early industries, and consequently of dreams and disappointments, in this beautiful area of Nova Scotia.

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