A Century of Life By Water

Creator(s): Peachland Museum

Water and Technology in Peachland, British Columbia

Peachland, British Columbia is a small hillside community incorporated in 1909 on picturesque Okanagan Lake in the lush British Columbia interior. Despite a hillside watershed and proximity to a lake, securing water in Peachland is a challenge in a surprisingly dry climate created by the height of surrounding high mountains. This Community Stories exhibit, A Century of Life by Water, explores the interplay between water and technology that has always shaped the choices people in this community make for travel, for work and for recreation.

Residential Development in Peachland Today

As in the rest of the Okanagan Valley, residential development in Peachland is placing great demands upon land use and water resources, challenging the capacity of the century old water system to provide secure water. Visitors to this exhibit will appreciate that a century of living by water has endowed Peachland with a rich heritage of stories; lessons that can deepen our appreciation of the life-sustaining role of water in the story of human development.

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