A Dominion from Sea to Sea: Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, Father of Confederation

Creator(s): Queens County Historical Society & Museum

When Samuel Leonard Tilley left Gagetown, New Brunswick at the age of 13 for a career as a pharmacist, he was unaware that he would become New Brunswick's most prominent Father of Confederation.

The Birth of Confederation in Canada

As a staunch supporter of the growing Confederation movement, Tilley attended the Charlottetown, Quebec and London Conferences and was rewarded with a federal post in John A. Macdonald's first cabinet. It was Tilley who suggested "The Dominion of Canada" as the name of the new nation. Later Tilley served two terms as Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick.

This Community Memories exhibit documents a life well lived for this important Canadian: a lifetime dedicated to public service, duty and the nation he helped construct.

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