A German Prisoner of War Camp

Creator(s): Bowmanville Museum

This virtual exhibit explores a very important site located within the community of Bowmanville, Ontario. It was first known as Darch Farm and then known as the Boys Training School, which operated on the grounds from 1925 to 1979. While many people call it by many different names the most popular and arguably the most important name is Camp 30.

Camp 30 was seconded by the federal government during WWII due to the fact that it could easily be converted to a Prisoner of War camp. It operated as a POW camp from 1941 to 1945 and housed the highest ranking German officers captured by Allied Forces. Today, it remains one of the last intact Prisoner of War Camps in Canada.

This virtual exhibit explores the history of how Camp 30 came to be, tells the stories of the German POW's housed there, describes famous escape attempts including the infamous Battle of Bowmanville, and comments on what life was like for a POW living far from home.

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