A Harvest of Memories: Rural Life in the Kettle River Valley

Creator(s): Kettle River Museum

Memories of rural life in the Kettle River Valley of long ago will never be forgotten. They will always live on through the memories left by so many of its early settlers, who chronicled the life around them in photographs and memoirs.

They were among the first Europeans in this land of rolling hills, rich grasslands and lush valleys. They came at the turn of the 20th century, when it was still isolated from more populated regions of British Columbia to the east and west - nestled in a valley between two mountain ranges - where the Kettle River winds its way east along the Canada/U.S. border.

The photographers of the time recorded life as they saw it, in the present, and often at its most interesting. While their subjects would be identifiable, the photographers themselves often remained anonymous. Most of the writers, on the other hand, took pen to paper at their leisure and in their later years, looking back through the lens of nostalgia.

A Harvest of Memories shares the fascinating and unique stories of these men and women who settled in the Kettle River Valley.

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