Aliens Among Us - British Columbia's Recent Plant and Animal Arrivals

Creator(s): Royal BC Museum

Alien species arrive from somewhere else. They make their way slowly - or quickly - around Canada; there are more than 4,000 alien species in British Columbia and this number is continually growing.

The Aliens Among Us virtual exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to learn about BC's alien species; to see geographically where these species have been found; and to contribute sightings to a collective source of information.

This website is based upon a detailed interactive map of British Columbia. It educates users regarding alien species, their locations, and impact upon local ecosystems. In addition, it allow users to contribute information - for example, record sightings of alien species such as American Bullfrogs or Purple Loosestrife using the map, and annotate these records with text, photos or videos. Users are also able to ask questions of experts and engage in a public dialogue on alien species.

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