Anull Thar nan Eilean - From Island to Island

Creator(s): Highland Village Museum / An Clachan Gàidhealach

The Barra Community in Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Like the traditions of all Gaelic communities in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, the story of the Barra community is very much one of the spoken word, handed down in music, folklore, dance and poetry for seven generations.

In this Community Memories exhibit, pictures show the faces of the Barra people over hundreds of years, stories tell of their determination to survive primitive living conditions and artefacts testify to their Gaelic values and love of the land.

The Highland Village Museum hopes that this exhibit will portray for Cape Breton's young people the changes and constants in 250 years of their Barra ancestors' history and tell all Canadians the story of a way of life transferred intact to a new land.

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