ART-i-FACT: 88 East Cordova

Creator(s): Gallery Gachet

This exhibit presents glimpses of an artistic community's evolution at the forefront of avant-garde, alt-mainstream art within the walls of the Boyd Building at 88 East Cordova Street, Vancouver. It offers artefacts from Gallery Gachet's archive, photos and additional source material including interviews with former "unrecorded" tenants.

Gachet is a nonprofit collectively-run exhibition and studio space built to empower participants as artists, administrators and curators; during its time at 88 East Cordova it has become a neighbourhood institution. Via artistic means, Gachet provides a focal point for dialogue amongst outsider, visionary and dissident artists, while demystifying issues related to mental health and social marginalization in order to educate the public and promote social and economic justice.

The contribution of 88 East Cordova to Vancouver's cultural history is unique, underrepresented and still under discovery.

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