Ashes and Rebirth: St. Mary's Ferry/North Devon

Creator(s): York Sunbury Museum

This Community Stories exhibition tells the story of St. Mary's Ferry/North Devon - which would ultimately become part of Fredericton - through a fictional account of the travels of James Haines to find his surviving relatives in New Brunswick in 1950. As luck would have it, on his journey James met a Fredericton local who had lived through the development of this small town, stating, "Although I have never moved in my lifetime, I have lived in three places. This village was first called St. Mary's Ferry, in 1917 it became North Devon and in 1945 we became part of Fredericton."

Through photos and stories of the time, this exhibit follows the beginnings of a community from 1831, through to its inclusion in the greater city of Fredericton in the mid-20th century.

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