Atton's Lake - A Summer Meeting Place

Creator(s): Clayton McLain Memorial Museum

Vacationing in Atton's Lake, Saskatchewan

Atton's Lake in west central Saskatchewan has been a special summer place for more than 100 years, ever since a group of three small lakes in west central Saskatchewan began to attract people looking for leisure and recreation. Soon, Atton's Lake emerged as the most appealing vacation destination, and became a "Jewel on the Prairies" where generation after generation gathers.

What makes Atton's Lake remarkable is chronicled in this Community Memories exhibit. One hundred years of newspaper articles, photos and memories explain why surrounding communities have embraced this small prairie lake as their special place. Those communities with the assistance of the Atton family, the Rural Municipality of Cut Knife, the Elks BPO #380 and countless volunteers have built the lake into a memorable recreational area.

Visitors to this Community Memories exhibit will discover how Atton's Lake developed an atmosphere and a lake culture that have become a family tradition.

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