Carbonear Air Cadets

Creator(s): Carbonear Museum

This Community Memories Exhibit reflects the tremendous pride and respect the town of Carbonear, Newfoundland has for its "589 Carbonear Air Cadet Squadron."

In the 1950's, Carbonear was a busy commercial town of 3,500 residents with close ties to the sea and the fishery, but few organized opportunities for the youth of the community. Then, in the fall of 1954, the Royal Canadian Air Cadets organized a squadron for Carbonear's teenage boys (girls were included some 21 years later).

Since that time, the Squadron has touched the lives of thousands of young men and women, preparing them to be independent and responsible citizens of their community, province and country. With the support of the town council, the Royal Canadian Legion and the town's citizens, the Air Cadets have become an integral part of Carbonear's social and cultural history.

The 589 Carbonear Air Cadet Squadron celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in August, 2004. This exhibit celebrates an organization that has had a major impact on its home town.

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