Creator(s): Medalta Potteries Historic Site

From 1912 to 1954, Medalta Potteries Limited in Medicine Hat, Alberta was one of Canada's largest pottery producers, turning out sturdy hotel dinnerware, kitchen ware and china souvenirs that are still highly prized today as collectibles. Medalta's achievement is all the more remarkable given the lack of clay suitable for pottery making in the Medicine Hat area. Clay had to be imported from Saskatchewan but the area's abundant supply of cheap fuel, easy access to the Canadian Pacific Railway, low taxes and affordable land made pottery production an attractive, and profitable, investment.

The Pottery Industry in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Medalta's pottery factory provided consistent employment for residents of "The Hat", especially when the economy was robust. This Community Stories exhibit is a celebration of the work of Tom Hulme and two of the women, Rose Marie Stickle and Engilena Stappler, who worked with him in Medalta's art department during the 1940s and 50s.

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