Dateline Battle Harbour, September 1909: Peary Reaches the Pole

Creator(s): Battle Harbour National Historic Site

Reaching the North Pole was one of the last great expeditionary challenges of the 20th century. Robert Peary transmitted the story of his achievement of reaching the North Pole from the Marconi Station located in Battle Harbour, Labrador. Newspapermen flocked to Battle Harbour to gather in Croucher's Loft (the third floor of the Salt Store) to witness the press conferences given by Peary. After 10 days in Battle Harbour provisioning and repairing the ship, 'the Roosevelt', Commander Peary and Captain Bartlett embarked upon the final leg of their triumphant return to New York City.

Robert Peary's Telegraphs

This Community Stories exhibit is primarily a collection of press releases Peary telegraphed to the New York Times from Battle Harbour. Peary's account is interspersed with excerpts from other sources. Many of the images have been digitally copied from books published in the early 1900s, some images are privately held, and four maps were created for this project.

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