Echoes of the Past

Creator(s): Didsbury and District Historical Society

Come and explore the journey of three families: a politician; an urban family and rural families to learn how they settled and built the town of Didsbury and how the following generations continue to contribute and serve the town and district and society as a whole. Didsbury, Alberta was founded in 1894 when Jacob Y. Shantz brought a group of 34 Mennonite settlers to establish a town and develop the rich farm lands in the area.

These first settlers raised their families, endured hardships, and found love, faith and joy as they built their new lives. How did they contribute to the growth and development of the town? What skills & knowledge did they use to survive? What happened to their children and grandchildren and do they possess the pioneer characteristics of determination, endurance and persistence to continue to get the job done? In general how have the following generations contributed to the town of Didsbury and society today?

Over the years many businesses changed owners, some closed, and fire nearly wiped out the town twice. But, through perseverance, dedication and faith the town of Didsbury continues to survive and prosper.

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