Ernest Thompson Seton: The Trail of the Sandhill Stag near Carberry

Creator(s): The Seton Centre

This exhibit explores and highlights a small but significant part of Ernest Thompson Seton's life: the period in the 1880s when he spent time in Carberry, Manitoba, Canada. We explore how his experience as a young man influenced his future work as an artist, naturalist, early environmentalist and central figure in the development of the Boy Scouts Movement.

Born in 1860, Seton was twenty-two years old when he arrived at his brother Arthur's homestead, which was just a couple of miles cross country from the train stop of de Winton. We include Seton's artistic depictions of nearby places like Lake Chaska, Silver or Hope Lake, and close neighbours' homes where Seton visited, noted in his daily journal and recorded in hundreds of sketches.

Seton's work includes journal articles, nature based novels, drawings and paintings of flora and fauna - to mention a few of his accomplishments. Seton contributed to the understanding and records of this area, and he was named Naturalist to the government of Manitoba for a life-long term.

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