Faces of Pikwàkanagàn

Creator(s): Algonquin Way Cultural Centre (The)

Imagine a time, more than two centuries after first contact with Samuel du Champlain in 1613, establishment of new Canadian settlements, exposure to new epidemics, the Royal Proclamation of 1763, the establishment of Upper and Lower Canada, and loss of hunting territory, when a new challenge faces the Algonquin people. This new challenge was the designation of Reserve #39 near Golden Lake, Ontario in 1873.

Exploring the History of the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn

Faces of Pikwàkanagàn is a pictorial timeline of the adaptation and endurance of the Algonquin's of Pikwàkanagàn since the designation of Reserve #39. The images in our virtual exhibit represent that past 140 years of Algonquin strength in a proud and progressive community. Many of these photos capture the daily lives of those residing in Pikwàkanagàn during a time when there were changes in government policy, enforcement of the Indian Act, territory rights infringements, development of native tourism trade, and legislation to ban culture and language.

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