For Valour: Canadian Airmen and the Victoria Cross

Creator(s): Air Force Heritage and History

Imagine yourself flying in a bomber at 20,000 feet in total darkness only to have your aircraft strafed and rendered inoperable by enemy fire, or facing an unrelenting barrage of antiaircraft fire while attacking an enemy naval vessel or even flying over the battlefields of the First World War in the early days of aviation hoping against all odds not to be destroyed by enemy fire.

Individual acts of great courage occur frequently during war, but often go unseen and unrecorded. Those that are remembered often stand out as examples for all to admire and respect. The Canadians that were awarded the Victoria Cross, the Commonwealth's highest military decoration for bravery, overcame incredible adversity in the face of danger - some of these heroes paid with their lives. Their valour sets them apart as Canadians of the highest order. This exhibit focuses on the amazing stories of these seven Airmen and their actions in both the First and Second World Wars reminding us of the men and women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their service to their country.

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