Fox Harbour Pinetree

Creator(s): St. Lewis Heritage Museum

In the early 1950s, Fox Harbour was still living the traditional life of Labrador with only a few amenities to ease the hardship. People travelled by dog teams and survived off the land, since dry goods were scarce, especially during winter. Money did not change hands; the barter system was alive and well; and fishermen traded profits for food. Life was isolated in this little community, as it was in all of Labrador's coastal villages.

The Pinetree Radar System

The arrival of the United States military in 1954 to build a Pinetree Radar System site was a blessing. For the next six years, Fox Harbour prospered from the work the construction provided and from the generosity of the servicemen and the construction company.

In this Community Memories Exhibit, the St. Lewis Heritage Museum celebrates this turning point in Fox Harbour history and the special interaction between residents and servicemen.

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