From The Bow Of The Minto

Creator(s): Arrow Lakes Historical Society

The harshness and sheer remoteness of the Klondike failed to deter prospectors in their quest to reach the announced fabulous goldfields of the region in 1897. Lured by any development connected with mineral resources, the CPR used coastal steamers to run up to Alaska in an effort to ship the thousands of men in need of transport to the north. Two of these vessels - the Minto and Moyie - were nearly identical. Before construction reached a critical point, the gold rush had calmed, and the CPR decided not to proceed with the project.

The Sternwheeler Minto on the Arrow Lakes

The life of most sternwheelers is not usually a long one. Being made of wood, they required heavy maintenance, and conditions where the ice-locked lake had to be overcome every winter took its toll. The Minto was unique because she ran the Arrow Lakes from 1898 to 1954. To have witnessed her every run over those 56 years and to have seen the changes that history would bring would truly be fascinating.

This Community Stories exhibit touches on some of the places and events during this period, as one would have seen it from the bow of the Minto.

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