GIRLS ON THE HOMEFRONT: A Toronto Girls' School 1894-1945

Creator(s): Havergal College Archives

Founded in 1894, Havergal College remains one of Toronto's most well-known high school for girls. What may be unfamiliar, however, are the evangelical roots of the school- an emphasis on a gendered sense of empire and foreign missionary activity. In Girls on the Homefront, snapshots of daily life at Havergal from the beginning of the First World War to the end of the Second World War show how students were ingrained with a sense of duty to the British Empire and to Canada during war efforts. As a school that was first established on Toronto's fashionable Jarvis Street then later moved to the growing suburb of North Toronto, Havergal is also a study in the evolution of Toronto's upper middle class. This Community Memories Exhibit explores the nineteenth-century roots of the school, the development of North Toronto and comparative war-time educational practices of other local schools.

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