Growing Up in Rural Newfoundland: A Portrait of Childhood 1950 - 2009

Creator(s): French Shore Interpretation Centre

Growing Up in Rural Newfoundland highlights the experiences and images of childhood in seven neighbouring rural communities on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. The period covered in the exhibit is primarily the second half of the 20th century during a time of economic and cultural transition for the small fishing and forestry towns in the region. To give a sense of the dramatic change over a relatively short number of years, the end of the exhibit includes reflections and photographs made by the 2009 10th grade Culture & Heritage class at Cloud River Academy in Roddickton, one of the participating communities.

Newfoundlanders have a great gift of storytelling and humour. Their words in the storyline and text pieces accompanying the images showcase their verbal talents. Some of the photographs in the exhibit come from family albums of the exhibit participants but not many people in the small communities back then had cameras. If they did, film was hard to get and expensive to process. What pictures survived that time are sometimes scratched and bent from constant viewing or poor storage.

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