Hamilton Mack Laing

Creator(s): Comox Archives and Museum

This exhibit captures the life and work of Hamilton Mack Laing. This naturalist, author, photographer and artist made his home in Comox on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Born in 1883 in Ontario, Laing grew up on a Manitoba farm, attended art school in New York, and travelled the American West before becoming a school principal, photographer, writer, naturalist, bird collector and nut farmer during his 99 short years. The Comox Valley is an important bird area of global significance, as was obvious in 1922 when Laing chose to live here. Laing collected specimens for the National Museum of Canada, wrote for almost every North American outdoor nature magazine, and was a friend and contemporary of many noted ornithologists, including Allan Brooks and P.A.Taverner. A realist in his art and writing, the management of nature was part of Laing’s philosophy of conservation.

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