History of hydroelectricity in Quebec

Creator(s): Cité de l'énergie

Electricity is simply a word that refers to an abundant source of energy accessible to everyone. What do we really know about electricity? Who contributed to its development and use on a large scale? What are the physical principles particular to electricity? How is it produced and sent to our homes? Can electricity be produced in different ways? Visitors to this virtual exhibit will find answers to these questions and more.

Presented by the Cité de l'énergie de Shawinigan, this virtual exhibit will help you to better understand the history of hydroelectricity in Quebec. You will learn about the role and importance of Shawinigan Water and Power, one of the most important electric power companies in the country during the first half of the 20th century. Finally, the main components of a hydroelectric complex and generating station are explained and explored.

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