History of Peachland

Creator(s): Peachland Museum

The name "Peachland" came into being when founder J. M. Robinson called his real estate development by that name. From his Peachland Townsite office on First Avenue he sold the town lots and hillside acreages to early residents and pioneers. A Peachland post office was opened on December 1, 1898. Continuous rapid growth required a town government, and the Municipality of Peachland was created on January 1, 1909. One of the earliest council meetings was held in Robinson's real estate office.

A Picture History of Peachland

This Community Stories exhibit presents an overview of the area development from the last glacial age to today. For more history of the area, the two volume set of books "Peachland Memories" is an incredible resource. Created for Jubilee year in 1984, it contains the histories of pioneer families and organizations. A great effort was made to complete it before the stories and pioneers of the early days were lost.

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