Investigating Forensics

Creator(s): SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

You might have seen the TV versions of police and crime lab investigations, but have you ever wondered what real forensic science investigations in Canada are like?

In this tour through the specialized laboratories at the Centre for Forensic Research at Simon Fraser University, scientists and police explain and illustrate the hard science behind forensics.

Investigating Forensics features information and activities that recreate some of the challenges forensic experts encounter. You will learn first-hand about forensics by exploring the roles of forensic archaeologists, anthropologists, entomologists, botanists, DNA analysts, and stable isotope analysts. Each of your tasks will be a real job that a forensic expert does and every step is important to solving the case. Think carefully, but if you get stuck there are hints to help you.

Additionally, there are videos of experts from each discipline, photographs of forensic scientists at work both in the field and in the lab, and a detailed textual library in the 'Resources' section. Links to these resources are available at the beginning of each activity.

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