Ksiitsikominaa: The Thunder Chief Gallery

Creator(s): Fort Whoop Up National Historic Site

The Kainai (originally known as the Weasel people - "A pai sti tapi") of south-western Alberta, also known as the Blood, have always been known as skilled artists and creative crafts people. The early explorers and fur traders noticed the elaborate colourful, attractive designs on their clothing. Clothing, weapons, tools and even the most common household objects were also adorned with their decorative arts.

The late Leo Day Chief, an elder and a talented artist from the Weasel Tribe, is the Great-Great Grand Son of Thunder Chief. He has created, in the traditional manner, a collection consisting of approximately 50 ceremonial and traditional items. Each piece is authentic and has an oral history. The sharing of a large family history by the Day Chief (Thunder Chief) family has been instrumental in securing significant additional Plains Culture Materials from both the Glenbow Museum (Calgary) the Williams Family (Kainai) as well as several smaller accessions attributed to the Blackfoot community.

The collection represents the history of the Kainai, and describes Leo's family history, and his ancestor's and spiritual path. The Blackfoot objects range from ceremonial to traditional items. The collection preserves traditional and cultural beliefs through such artefacts and oral legends.

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