Les Sortilèges and their Wardrobe: 33 Years of Costumes from Here and Elsewhere

Creator(s): Centre de Documentation Marius-Barbeau (or Marius-Barbeau Centre)

The exhibition "Les Sortilèges and their Wardrobe: 33 Years of Costumes from Here and Elsewhere", presented by the Marius-Barbeau Centre, intends to awaken memories as it unveils Les Sortilèges dance troupe's costumes during the years it was under the direction of Jimmy di Genova. The troupe's odyssey began in 1966 when Di Genova gathered a group of high school boys and girls to form an amateur folk dance troupe. During the 33 years he directed them, he brought them from amateur to professional status, turning them into the National Folk Dance Ensemble. Les Sortilèges performed in Canada and in several other countries across the world where they stood out for their presentation of refined folk dancing, drawn from the rich diversity of Québec culture.

The Archives of the Marius-Barbeau Centre

The Marius-Barbeau documentation Centre is now also officially named Marius-Barbeau Centre. It is dedicated to various cultural activities, the presentation of several temporary exhibitions and the conservation of heritage collections. With this exhibition, the Centre opens up parts of its archives, thus allowing you to appreciate the evolution, variety and authenticity of Les Sortilèges' stage wardrobe.

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