Life at the Lakes

Creator(s): Queens County Heritage

From Aboriginal times to the present, Queens County, New Brunswick and its lakes, the Washademoak and Grand Lakes, have hosted a vibrant transportation network and travel industry. Whether experiencing the relaxation of the many shorelines as a guest, returning home to rekindle childhood memories, or plying the waters to make a living, visitors to the lakes always leave with an enhanced appreciation of the natural beauty of the region. Residents on the other hand, are happy with a few memories and the economic investment left behind by the travelers.

This exhibit tells the story of the historic and contemporary travel industry in Queens County by exploring the various means of arrival and departure, locations of accommodations, work and leisure activities, entertainment, and the home and business connections. Using photographs and records from the past and the present, as well as current information collected from surveys and interviews, we have endeavoured to paint a picture of a century of tourism in Queens County, New Brunswick.

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