Listen Up! Musical Memories of the Highwood

Creator(s): Museum of the Highwood

A History of Music in the Highwood River Area of Southern Alberta

Music was central to early social life at the dances and entertainments that Highwood residents enjoyed in homes, theatres, dance halls, hotels and barns. In High River, the Wales theatre served as a "Temple of Refined Entertainment and Education". Highwood boasted an abundance of local talent who made their homes in the area, including world-renowned opera singer Odette de Foras and bands such as the Pekisko Kids, Pickersgill's Orchestra, the Be-Bops and The Amazing Fox Trot Band.

Musical Evolution in the Highwood Region

The advent of listening and recording devices and radios forever changed the way people enjoyed their music, but the new technology did not change the importance of music to the Highwood community.

This Community Memories exhibit displays musical instruments from the Museum of Highwood's collection, stories and photographs of Highwood's musicians, and a display portraying the evolution of listening/recording devices from music box to old radios to the iPod Nano.

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