Lost Way of Life

Creator(s): Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation

Lost Way of Life tells us five stories of how people lived in and around Kingston, Ontario over a span of 300 years. Through archaeological investigations in the area, the influences that have helped to define the city's character are discovered. These are stories that reflect some of the significant influences woven into the fabric of the Kingston community.

Stories from Kingston, Ontario

The first begins on July 12, 1673, when the Governor of New France, Count Frontenac, arrived at the mouth of the Cataraqui River to meet with leaders of the Five Nations of the Iroquois. The second highlights the life of the extraordinary Mohawk matriarch Molly Brant, the older sister of Mohawk leader Joseph Brant. The third tells of Britain's glorious naval history, while the fourth looks at the medical care provided by the Fort Henry Garrison Hospital. Finally, the story of early commercial beginnings at Kingston's Historic Market Square is told.

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