Mentoring Artists for Women's Art - Building Community Through Mentorship

Creator(s): Mentoring Artists for Women's Art, Inc.

Twenty-Five Years of Women's Art in Winnipeg, Manitoba

This exhibit outlines the work of Mentoring Artists for Women's Art (MAWA), based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. MAWA is a group that encourages and supports the intellectual and creative development of women in the visual arts. At the core of MAWA's efforts is the mentoring of women artists in the early and middle stages of their careers. It has been nurturing artists for twenty-five years, and some of these women have reached critical acclaim and are now recognized as the best in their field.

About Mentoring Artists for Women's Art (MAWA)

MAWA hosts guest artists, presents artists' talks and lectures, offers workshops geared to artists' specific needs, facilitates reading groups and organizes exhibitions and symposia featuring works by local, national and international women artists. In this way, MAWA provides an ongoing forum for education and critical dialogue.

This Community Memories exhibit profiles the programs and the people involved in this dynamic, multi-faceted and growing organization - an organization that is dedicated to professional peer-based art education for women artists.

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