Creator(s): National Arts Centre

The NACmusicbox TIMELINE is an online music collection featuring over 200 high-quality online audio recordings of NAC Orchestra performances from the National Art Centre's 41-year history.

The interactive TIMELINE is a tool for students, teachers and music lovers to explore unlimited music connections and learn about the impact our composers have made to the cultural fabric of this country. It offers cross-curricular content with classroom-ready activities and lesson plans developed by teachers for teachers. The TIMELINE offers a visual mapping of the precious archival collection with a focus on 80 Canadian composers. It has been designed to showcase the works of these composers within the history of orchestral music.

This rich collection, including 80 Canadian Works, 134 International Works, over 200 work synopses and concert programs, 95 composer biographies and over 300 pages of history, puts each composition into context by giving the political, technological, and cultural events of the year it was composed.

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