Our Stories - Remembering Niagara's Proud Black History

Creator(s): Norval Johnson Heritage Centre

OUR STORIES are the personally held recollections of Black Canadian seniors who live, lived, or grew up in the Niagara Region. Just as individuals make up a community, a collection of individual memories brought together could be said to create a community of memory. Niagara's community of memory hosts some extraordinary Black Canadian stories - as a final stop for Freedom Seekers travelling on the Underground Railroad and through the actions of the Coloured Corps' in the War of 1812 and beyond.

OUR STORIES bring the daily contributions of individuals to their communities, small and large, and to the development of the greater Canadian society, through a different lens of recognition. OUR STORIES were available only through the spoken word coming from the hearts and minds of local Black Canadian seniors still living in Niagara.

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