Parry Sound Centennial Time Capsule Digital Scrapbook

Creator(s): West Parry Sound District Museum

On Tuesday, February 3, 1987 Vice Principal Ray Pavlove and student representatives from William Beatty Public School stood in front of the Parry Sound Town Council and requested that a school project become officially endorsed as part of the Town's Centennial Celebrations.

William Beatty students, with the support of the West Parry Sound District Museum, the Parry Sound District School Board, the Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce, area's surrounding municipalities and communities, set out to share the Parry Sound of 1987 with the citizens of 2087.

This digital scrap book honours the 25 year anniversary of the Time Capsule and is an opportunity for the community to reconnect with the project. The scrapbook encapsulates the memories of those that created the Parry Sound Time Capsule, much like the Time Capsule captured the culture of 1987; let's open it.

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