Photographic Travels of Reuben R. Sallows

Creator(s): Reuben R. Sallows Gallery

At the turn of the 20th century, when most cameras and photographers operated out of a studio, Reuben R. Sallows took his heavy, cumbersome equipment outside. He photographed people at work and play in the small towns, farmlands and in the expansive wilderness of Ontario, the western provinces and northern Quebec. A rogue photographer, Sallows did not wait for clients to enter his studio. He took his camera everywhere: in his black Ford Model A truck, in a hired canoe and on the newly installed trains that crisscrossed Canada between 1881 and 1937.

The Photographic Travels of Reuben R. Sallows whisk you around Canada, when the forests were endless, the deer plentiful and the future full of unimagined possibilities. Meet the man behind the camera and travel with him to times lost. See with your own eyes the lumberjacks who cleared forests, the farmers who cleared land and the pioneers who lived without the aid of electricity. Enter the time machine of early photography.

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