Pioneers of Saanich

Creator(s): Log Cabin Museum and Archives

The Saanich Pioneer Museum tells the stories of the brave, courageous families who have, over many years, settled in this once heavily forested wilderness on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The first white settlers, employees of the Hudson Bay Company, arrived in 1852 after a six-month voyage on the HBC ship, the "Norman Morrison", crossing the Atlantic Ocean, sailing down around Cape Horn, then north along the American coast to Fort Victoria in the colony of British Columbia.

The Saanich Pioneer Museum

On the first of July, 1933, the Saanich Pioneer Museum opened with the descendants of many pioneer families gathered in a building modeled after their ancestors' first log cabin farm homes. This Community Memories Exhibit is the history of this building, which holds the stories of some of the Tsartslip First Nation and white settler families who have left their mark in Saanich. The community's residents, who will one day be ancestors themselves, are now adding their own stories to the collection.

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