Return to the wild: Evolving perspectives on Canadian Wildlife

Creator(s): Royal Canadian Geographical Society

For 80 years, Canadian Geographic has been telling non-fiction stories about the wildlife of Canada. This virtual exhibition illustrates the abiding interest of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society in the health of Canada's vast wildlife populations, and it also illuminates the evolution of Canadians' perspective on conservation.

Through selected feature stories this exhibit documents our changing attitudes toward wildlife in our midst, how we have managed and mismanaged species, ranging from bison to beluga whales, and the often ingenious efforts of scientists and naturalists alike to peer into the behavioural systems of everything from bluebirds to polar bears.

Interactive maps exist for all the ecozones of Canada as well as for the ranges of each species. These allow visitors to the exhibit to easily differentiate the various ecozones, as well as the animals found within each one. Lesson plans are based on the species in the exhibit and are developed by the Canadian Council for Geographic Education.

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