Sam Waller and his Little Northern Museum

Creator(s): Sam Waller Museum

A lifelong collector, Sam Waller called himself a "Pack Rat" and referred to his museum as a "Clutter-torium". Following in the tradition of the Victorian-era collector of oddities and curiosities, he amassed an astounding and eclectic array of unusual items over his lifetime. But more than a mere collector, Sam was also a dedicated and knowledgeable naturalist, a taxidermist, and a serious museum curator and teacher.

In 1958, upon retiring from teaching, Sam opened his "Little Northern Museum", sometimes referred to as "The Biggest Little Museum in the World". There, he explained, he hoped to "portray life as it once was in the distant past". He intended for his Museum to "give the young the opportunity to see visions and the old to dream again their dreams".

Since Sam's passing in 1978, the Museum has continued to grow and evolve under the direction of a number of staff. This Community Stories exhibit portrays the fascinating life of this man through the collections of the Sam Waller Museum in The Pas, Manitoba.

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