Schools 1910-1991 South Central Saskatchewan

Creator(s): Assiniboia and District Historical Museum

After building their humble home and a shelter for the domestic animals, the next concern of the early settlers in South Central Saskatchewan was the education of their children. A school board would be formed with a chairman who would then petition the Provincial government to establish a school district. Once that was granted, debentures had to be sold, which provided capital to build the one-room school.

The One Room School in the Community

The school was not only the centre of learning; it was also the social hub of the community for the adults. Many weekends during the off-season of agricultural duties, local musicians would form a band and provide music for dances. Card games - whist was popular - were held for entertainment or possibly as fundraisers. It was the largest centre in the area for weddings. A baseball diamond used by students was also used by adults - remember there was no television; one depended on community for recreation.

This Community Stories exhibition highlights the importance of the schoolhouse in the communities of South Central Saskatchewan.

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