Serving our Veterans, Serving our Community (1946-2011)

Creator(s): Sunnybrook Archives

When members of Canada's military returned from battle during the Second World War their needs surpassed the ability of hospitals such as the Christie Street Military Hospital and The Chorley Park Hospital to provide for their medical and health care needs. In 1943 the Department of Veteran Affairs commissioned an architectural firm to build the newest, and largest, centre for Veterans' health care in Canada. The first patient was admitted to Sunnybrook Hospital on September 26, 1946.

Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King's officially opened of Canada's largest Veteran's hospital in 1948. Since that time, Sunnybrook has evolved from its original role into an internationally recognized centre for excellence in health care, education, and research. Today approximately 11,000 staff, physicians, volunteers, and students continue to transform healthcare. Their work and dedication has improved the lives of the one million people who come through the hospital doors each year. This Community Stories virtual exhibit tells the story of the Sunnybrook Hospital, from its post-Second World War origins to today.

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