Similar Journeys, Different Trails: One Destination

Creator(s): Trail Museum

History of Trail, British Columbia

The history of Trail, British Columbia is very much a story of Canada's immigrants. For the first 50 years of the 20th century, this city, known for its gold and copper mining and its smelter, drew people looking for work from every part of the globe. They arrived in families, they arrived alone, but they all arrived in search of a better life. The work they undertook was often gruelling and conditions were poor. But there were plenty of jobs and there was always food on the table.

Culturally, Trail benefited from an array of traditions and customs that the new residents brought with them. This was particularly true of the Italian immigrants who settled in the west end of the city in an area known as The Gulch. In language, food, faith and work ethic, the Italian presence has been strong. Its influence, along with that of the large British immigrant population, helped establish a culture of hospitality, industriousness, and goodwill that still resonates in Trail today. This Community Memories exhibit explores how industry played a pivotal role in drawing people to Trail and in keeping them here.

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