Sliding, Gliding and Soaring: A history of skiing in Revelstoke, British Columbia

Creator(s): Revelstoke Museum and Archives

Revelstoke's ski saga has its roots in the early 1890s, when Scandinavian immigrants such as the Nelsen and Gunnarsen families first introduced the sport to the area. Originally calling skis 'Norwegian snowshoes', the townspeople eagerly embraced the activity and began organizing almost at once. They officially formed the Revelstoke Ski Club in 1914 to hold annual ski jumping, cross country racing, downhill racing and skijoring tournaments.

Mount Revelstoke skiers were instrumental in creating downhill and slalom runs and watched with satisfaction as enthusiasts forced these pursuits to evolve. Steep runs were cut on site and locals took to the hills with the aid of an electrically lit slope for night skiing. There was even a ski run in the centre of town.

A love of skiing still grips this mountain town: this Community Memories exhibition invites you to soar with its smitten residents.

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