Stories of (Pre) History: Jury Family Legacies

Creator(s): Museum of Ontario Archaeology

Ontario History and Archaeology

The world's impression of early-Ontario history and archaeology is due in large part to projects that the Jury family undertook in the first half of the 20th century. The Jurys worked on sites and projects spanning the prehistoric, historic aboriginal and historic pioneer periods in what would become Canada's second largest province. Today, some people question Wilfrid's methods and Elsie's historical research, but the fact remains that the Jurys' work left an indelible impression on Canadian archaeology.

Well travelled and sophisticated, the Jurys met many famous people in their day and were ardent note-takers and record keepers. Reports, articles, countless manuscripts, photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, trays of artifacts and Wilfrid and Elsie's own autobiographies tell a fascinating tale of three archaeologists and their work. This trove of material, forming the basis of the museum project, chronicles the development and use of archaeological sites in government, education and tourism from the 1930s to today. This Community Memories exhibit celebrates the many legacies of this remarkable family.

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