Sworn to Secrecy: Canadians on Radar, 1940-1945

Creator(s): Secrets of Radar Museum (The)

During the Second World War, almost 6,000 Canadians were trained on RADAR at the request of the British government and sent into every theatre of war. Sworn to an oath of secrecy that was not fully lifted until 1991, it was only recently that these men and women were able to share their experiences. Canadian radar personnel were a crucial part of the war effort.

The contributions of the thousands of men and women working on Canadian radar since 1940, both military and civilian, have helped to protect our soldiers on the front lines, our people at home, and helped to create a technological legacy that continues to be part of our everyday lives. This Community Stories exhibit highlights the experiences of some of these Canadian men and women as they worked building and maintain radar stations on the Canadian coast and overseas.

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