TH&B Locomotive 103: Hamilton's Railway History at Westfield Heritage Village

Creator(s): Westfield Heritage Village

Hamilton's Restoration of a Steam Locomotive

This virtual exhibit tells the story of the restoration of the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway's steam locomotive number 103. As the age of steam power was coming to a close, the people of Hamilton had the vision to set aside an artefact of the engineering genius of their time for the future. That singular act of sparing the 103 from the wrecker was an essential first step, but when the unprotected and under-maintained engine started to fade away, an attentive and dedicated group intervened.

The Restoration of the Locomotive by a Dedicated Team of Volunteers

Comprised of a team of volunteers led by Charles Doubrough, the old engine's champion, the 'TH&B 103 Restoration Crew' worked for years through bad weather and vapour-thin budgets to resurrect the machine that embodied the ingenuity and undeniable romance of steam technology. This is the story of how people rolled up their sleeves, raised money, cutting torches and plate steel to preserve a significant piece of Hamilton's industrial heritage.

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