The Bad Penny Crew of Operation Manna

Creator(s): Canadian Historical Aircraft Association

Operation Market Garden and its Repercussions

In September, 1944, paratroopers were dropped over southern Holland in Operation Market Garden, an Allied strategy to open a corridor through occupied Holland into Germany for British ground forces. The strategy was expected to end World War II quickly.

To aid the Allied forces by restricting the movement of German troops and supplies, the Dutch government called for a rail strike. The rail strike began, but Operation Market Garden failed. As a repercussion for the rail strike, the Germans blocked the transportation of food to northwest Holland.

The Humanitarian Mission to Feed the Dutch, Operation 'Manna'

Bob Upcott was the Flying Officer of the Lancaster bomber crew nicknamed "The Bad Penny". His crew was tasked with a dangerous test mission. Could planes drop food near The Hague without being shot down? On April 29, 1945, the Bad Penny took off from England with only hope in their hearts and a plane loaded with food, not bombs.

This Community Memories Exhibit focuses on heroes who risked their lives in a humanitarian mission to relieve war-weary citizens living in national despair.

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